Drawing 100 things!

In between screen printing and photography core rotations we ha a bit of the break with one day game – we’ve been drawing 100 things, in 1.5 min each. Some of them didn’t even make sence, but it made me think a bit more openly! Here’s some of the things we had to doodle:

And here’s few of my interpretations:


Core Workshop – Letter Press – Day 2

Such an interesting day, I’ve really enjoyed it! I’ve managed to do quite a bit of work as well and I think I was quite good in that.

Firstly we’ve started with cutting our letter press posters and making designs. There’s my one:


After that we’ve started playing with Adobe InDesign. That was a first time for me to use that program, but I’ve really enjoyed going through all the functions and trying different things. There’s some posters I did:


Crit Week – Zine – Day 1

Really slooooooow day.. I didn’t get to do or learn much, because quite a few people were not ready for todays critique day. Also as we were meant to make a book out of all zines, we couldn’t do that because we didn’t have enough time for that. Shame.

P. S.

Message to myself: LISTEN TO PODCASTS!