Project 2 – GIF’s making and Dragonframe

Today I’ve  mainly learnt how to use program ‘Dragonframe’ and how to make stop motion videos using it, also I’ve learnt how to make GIF’s using ‘Photoshop’. That was quite a useful information, although it has totally changed my mind about the way I want to do my stop motion project. I’m feeling looooooost.


Practitioner of the Week: Nous Vous Press

Nous Vous is Jay Cover, William Luz and Nicolas Burrows. It’s a collaboration on a broad range of projects including illustration & graphic design commissions, exhibitions, curatorial work, publishing and teaching. Based in London.


The stuff they do is really optimistic and playful. I like the thing that they uses lot’s of different colours, and their illustrations are really creative. They have got their own different style also.


Nous Vous does a lot of children books also.


Risograph Workshop/ Book Binding Workshop

Today we had a book binding induction. Started with looking at different kind of books, printed with risograph or screen printer. There were many interesting examples, that gave me many ideas for my book for Petticoat Lane project. There’s some examples:


After this, we’ve started binding our own books using glue. It’s a really simple, but exiting way to do it. I’ve made myself a very first notebook! Also, after this tutor has shown us few more different ways you can bind your books. There was a lot to learn from!


Other half of the day we’ve spent organising and doing riso printing. It was a bit disappointing to find out about a price for it and the thing that we’re not allowed to use it by ourselves, we have to be with a tutor. There’s what we did today:


10 The Best Photography Practitioners

  1. Theo Gosselin


O.K! Let’s start from one of my most favourite photographers ever – Theo Gosselin! His work is just perfect! OK we can move on to another one.

Just kidding.

There’s just so much to say about Theos work, that I don’t even know where to start from, even though I want to keep it short and clear.

He is one of those people who has changed my point of view and gave me ideas and inspired to experiment more. Most of his photographs has been taken in the nature or just people he was taking pictures of rooms. His work just breathes freedom and happiness. I don’t know about you, but for me his work is like Woodstock: you can see in the pictures, but you can’t experience it. I adore the main colours in his pictures also, ‘couse it makes scenarios look much older than they actually are. His work is just full of love, freedom, happiness, youth and beauty. It just can’t be any more perfect!

2. Robert Frank


Totally opposite from Theo is Robert Frank and his work. His work is black and grey and really depressing looking, even though it has some kind of charm! It kind of represents the period of time he was living at and the emotions people there living back then. I think Robert is a really good documentary photographer, but I prefer work that gives me good emotions. It is way to conservative for me, as a young generation person.

3. Eugene Meatyard


Eugenes work is so weird and different, that is just so brilliant! I like weird things also. 🙂 His work is really unique, because most of the time he includes interesting looking masks on people’s faces. Also he uses lots of silhouettes and shadows, old toys, weird-looking clothing etc. that makes photographs look mysterious and scary. I have never saw such a good horror photography before. So good I’ve found it!

4. Michael Lundgren


I find Michaels work really disturbing. Majority of his photos show dead animals he found when he was traveling. Even though he takes a lot of pictures of the landscape, they somehow doesn’t look as pleasing as they should do. Also he uses a really high contrast so all of his pictures looks more dramatic than they actually are.

5. Thomas Joshua Cooper


A great landscape photographer! I like how Thomas uses dark and grey colors and high contrast to show more drama in his work. Also, he mainly photographs mountains and water, but in every picture each of them look so different. Using camera he shows the characteristics of each thing. Also I like the way he uses shutter speed while taking pictures of running water. It gives his pictures more of the ‘flow’ feeling.

6. Nicholas Nixon


Another black and grey photography artist is Nicholas Nixon. The difference from T. J. Cooper is that Nixon is documenting portraits. I really like his photographs he took of the same sisters during years. It is really interesting to see how they have changed. Also majority of his work is family relating, that I found really interesting.

7. John Coplans


Such a great abstract photography artist. The way he documents humans body is not really common. People usually don’t see bodies in the way J. Coplans records it. He mainly chooses to record old men bodies that usually doesn’t look really esthetic, but the way Coplans presents it makes them look beautiful and really interesting in the same way. After scrolling through his pictures I had a deeper thought about human bodies, and in the end however it would look like, I still found it beautiful. It just depends in which way it has been presented.

8. Lucas Samaras


What a creepy and stunning work! I like the way Lucas is using different kind of layers, that don’t usually go well together and montages a  really interesting and kind of messy, but in the organized way, pictures. It is interesting how he makes such a mysterious and kind of disturbing pictures!

9. Philippe Halsman


What a legend! I have never heard his name, but I know most of the pictures he took! Probably because he took so many good pictures of S. Dali, M.Monroe, M. Ali, A. Einstein etc.. I think the most interesting thing about this photographer is the way he organizes scenarios for the models while he’s taking pictures. Each of them are different and really challenging.

10. Annie Leibovitz


I have always really respected this woman, since I get to know more about photography. I think she’s like Philippe Halsman, but ten times better. It is not just because she’s well know, because she’s a celebrity photographer, but the way she captures emotions is just brilliant. Each of her photographs has a really interesting and different scenario from each other. Also I like that she’s not sticking only with black and grey, but also she experiments a lot with the colors.




Core Workshop – Screen Printing – Day 2

Whoop whoop! Such a great and interesting day! Time passed so quickly and in the end of the day I’ve still wanted to stay longer and print few more bits!

So we finally got to do all screen printing, from A to Z, ourselves. I’ve been working with Vivian and Urszula all day and we were and awesome team! 🙂


So we’ve started with preparation, that, to be fair takes longest. Luckily we’ve found a clean screen, so we’ve saved like a good half an hour, because we didn’t have to clean it. Straight away we’ve covered it with photo emulsion, dried ir, exposed it, washed it, dried it again and it was finally good to go!

We did quite a few experiments with different colours and different paper, that made it so interesting.

I’m happy with our results. Plus we had a good fun that day!

I definitely need to come back to screen printing studio soon and do some more prints, because the feeling when you see your work printed on the paper and when you do everything from beginning to the end, is great!


Screen print, love and rock’n’roll!



Screen Printing Practitioner – Dan Rickwood a.k.a. Stanley Donwood

Stanley Donwood – a great painter, graphic designer, writer…. ummm.. And just an awesome artist! Stanley is mostly known as a sixth member in the band Radiohead, because he’s been designing album covers and posters for them since 1994.


In my opinion he’s such a good artist, who’s got his own, unique style, although some of his work looks really eclectic and different from each one.


Most of all I like his black and white screen prints. I really like the idea of how optically messy they are from a close distance, but they look great from far away.


Also, Stanleys art is really inspiring. I can’t wait to try some of his style layering myself!



Core Workshop – Letter Press – Day 2

Such an interesting day, I’ve really enjoyed it! I’ve managed to do quite a bit of work as well and I think I was quite good in that.

Firstly we’ve started with cutting our letter press posters and making designs. There’s my one:


After that we’ve started playing with Adobe InDesign. That was a first time for me to use that program, but I’ve really enjoyed going through all the functions and trying different things. There’s some posters I did:


Core Workshop – Letter Press – Day 1

Such a great day with tutor Kim Vousden! I’m really getting into typography! We’ve spent all day doing old school letter-press and that’s so interesting! The actual process is quite tricky, but it’s really relaxing and enjoyable. I really would like make a book using letter press someday, because the effect id makes is just so real, you can’t compare that to nowadays printing techniques.