Project 2 – Finale

I have now finished with my 30 seconds music video teaser! After I’ve edited the pictures I took the other day and have put them all together, I think it looks pretty good. The main thing I’ve got left t do is to develop my triptych photographs of an eye.


Project 2 – Experiments experiments..

I’ve done some experiments on my window, using marker and glass cleaner spray. Need just to edit it and see how it looks. If I’m not happy with it, I’ll have to try something else or use the same technique, but in a different way.


Also, I’ve organised a right order of frames for the video.

Project 2 – GIF’s making and Dragonframe

Today I’veĀ  mainly learnt how to use program ‘Dragonframe’ and how to make stop motion videos using it, also I’ve learnt how to make GIF’s using ‘Photoshop’. That was quite a useful information, although it has totally changed my mind about the way I want to do my stop motion project. I’m feeling looooooost.

Project No.2 – The Begining

We’ve finally found out what our second project is and I’m really excited about it! We have to create 30 second teaser for a stop motion music video. It gives so many opportunities to do lots of different things, that it makes me feel lost about it. Also as deeper as I go into it, as scared I get, knowing that I’ve got no experience in making videos. There’s so much more I need to learn!

I’m really slowly moving forward: found a song I’m gonna use (asked musicians if it’s fine and they were happy about it, so no copyright stuff.. ), chose a part I’m gonna use and thought about some rough ideas of taking some pictures in the city and few other bits.. There’s only one thing that kind of ruined everything – my foot. I had an accident and now I might have to change the idea and do that project at home, because I can’t give much pressure for my miserable foot. Oh well… I need to learn how to walk..