10 The Best Photography Practitioners

  1. Theo Gosselin


O.K! Let’s start from one of my most favourite photographers ever – Theo Gosselin! His work is just perfect! OK we can move on to another one.

Just kidding.

There’s just so much to say about Theos work, that I don’t even know where to start from, even though I want to keep it short and clear.

He is one of those people who has changed my point of view and gave me ideas and inspired to experiment more. Most of his photographs has been taken in the nature or just people he was taking pictures of rooms. His work just breathes freedom and happiness. I don’t know about you, but for me his work is like Woodstock: you can see in the pictures, but you can’t experience it. I adore the main colours in his pictures also, ‘couse it makes scenarios look much older than they actually are. His work is just full of love, freedom, happiness, youth and beauty. It just can’t be any more perfect!

2. Robert Frank


Totally opposite from Theo is Robert Frank and his work. His work is black and grey and really depressing looking, even though it has some kind of charm! It kind of represents the period of time he was living at and the emotions people there living back then. I think Robert is a really good documentary photographer, but I prefer work that gives me good emotions. It is way to conservative for me, as a young generation person.

3. Eugene Meatyard


Eugenes work is so weird and different, that is just so brilliant! I like weird things also. 🙂 His work is really unique, because most of the time he includes interesting looking masks on people’s faces. Also he uses lots of silhouettes and shadows, old toys, weird-looking clothing etc. that makes photographs look mysterious and scary. I have never saw such a good horror photography before. So good I’ve found it!

4. Michael Lundgren


I find Michaels work really disturbing. Majority of his photos show dead animals he found when he was traveling. Even though he takes a lot of pictures of the landscape, they somehow doesn’t look as pleasing as they should do. Also he uses a really high contrast so all of his pictures looks more dramatic than they actually are.

5. Thomas Joshua Cooper


A great landscape photographer! I like how Thomas uses dark and grey colors and high contrast to show more drama in his work. Also, he mainly photographs mountains and water, but in every picture each of them look so different. Using camera he shows the characteristics of each thing. Also I like the way he uses shutter speed while taking pictures of running water. It gives his pictures more of the ‘flow’ feeling.

6. Nicholas Nixon


Another black and grey photography artist is Nicholas Nixon. The difference from T. J. Cooper is that Nixon is documenting portraits. I really like his photographs he took of the same sisters during years. It is really interesting to see how they have changed. Also majority of his work is family relating, that I found really interesting.

7. John Coplans


Such a great abstract photography artist. The way he documents humans body is not really common. People usually don’t see bodies in the way J. Coplans records it. He mainly chooses to record old men bodies that usually doesn’t look really esthetic, but the way Coplans presents it makes them look beautiful and really interesting in the same way. After scrolling through his pictures I had a deeper thought about human bodies, and in the end however it would look like, I still found it beautiful. It just depends in which way it has been presented.

8. Lucas Samaras


What a creepy and stunning work! I like the way Lucas is using different kind of layers, that don’t usually go well together and montages a  really interesting and kind of messy, but in the organized way, pictures. It is interesting how he makes such a mysterious and kind of disturbing pictures!

9. Philippe Halsman


What a legend! I have never heard his name, but I know most of the pictures he took! Probably because he took so many good pictures of S. Dali, M.Monroe, M. Ali, A. Einstein etc.. I think the most interesting thing about this photographer is the way he organizes scenarios for the models while he’s taking pictures. Each of them are different and really challenging.

10. Annie Leibovitz


I have always really respected this woman, since I get to know more about photography. I think she’s like Philippe Halsman, but ten times better. It is not just because she’s well know, because she’s a celebrity photographer, but the way she captures emotions is just brilliant. Each of her photographs has a really interesting and different scenario from each other. Also I like that she’s not sticking only with black and grey, but also she experiments a lot with the colors.





Core Workshop – Photography – Day 1

We’ve started a day from a boring introduction to cameras and photography. There’s not much to tell about it… Followed by  a game: we were making stories, not knowing what about. That’s mine:


“Muscular Jacob and beautiful Alexis met in the cathedral, he was wearing skirt and she was wearing lingerie. He said: “the music’s loud and awesome”, she said: “your turtle escaped”. They’ve started to dance. Ohhhh how lovely!”

After this we’ve played a bit with cameras and finished our lecture.

Drawing 100 things!

In between screen printing and photography core rotations we ha a bit of the break with one day game – we’ve been drawing 100 things, in 1.5 min each. Some of them didn’t even make sence, but it made me think a bit more openly! Here’s some of the things we had to doodle:

And here’s few of my interpretations:


You said you want a revolution? – exhibition visit 

One of those days when it’s so hard to get out of the warm bed…. but I’m so happy I did and I went to Victoria and Albert museum to se exhibition called “You Said You Want A Revolution?”. 

It has been probably a first time when I just didn’t want to leave it! There’s so much I’d like to say about it, but the best I guess is just to go there and experience it yourself. 

After it I’ve went to the Design Museum, just because it was close to the V&A, but to be fair I left quite quickly, because it wasn’t that interesting. I guess I was still too emotional about the previous exhibition. 

Drawing: 10 The Best Drawing Practitioners

  1. Tala Madani


To begin with, my friend recommended me to check out this talented artist Tala Madani and I’ve found her art really unique and inspiring! Most of it is really disturbing, because she draws lots of naked people in quite a provoking poses. Otherwise her work is really colourful, and that makes viewer to see it in a positive and playful way. I believe her art might look disgusting for most of the people, but I think she gives lots of interesting ideas too.


2. Saul Bass



A brilliant filmmaker that creates amazing film posters and logos! I want to really shortly discuss his poster art. Saul designed plenty of them! I really like how artist has his own style: really bright colours, screen print – looking, really bold and straight forward drawings. He uses lots of silhouettes that I really like. I think by drawing silhouettes he gives more space for imagination. Also it makes posters look really simple, but really clever and tricky to look at the same time. The other thing I like that his work looks sci – fi or even scary.


3. Dryden Goodwin


Opposite to Saul Bass is this really great artist Dryden Goodwin. His work looks really complicated at the first look, but after some time of staring at it and trying to understand it looks peaceful and full of harmony. I like how Dryden makes all these thousands of lines look like a one solid piece (portrait). Also his style is like mapping on people faces, it kind of looks like capillary. He also draws on real people pictures that makes it more interesting!


4. Pablo Picasso


Pablo Picaso! One of the artists that made me fall in love with art and colours! His collage looking paintings are just incredible! His art is really unique and gets stuck in your head. I like how through rough-looking shapes he perfectly shows an object. His portraits show people faces really well, using abstract figures. His art leaves space for viewers interpretations as well and that is brilliant!


5. Philip Dvorak


I’m so happy I’ve found this artist! I really like his art! In most of his illustrations he draws really elegant ladies surrounded by erotic, disturbing things and skulls. The technique he uses makes his drawings look really clean and precision. It’s pleasing to look at his work even though it is not that easy to do that. Also I like his scrubby lines, that makes his art special.


6. Jerry Shawback


This artist doesn’t use much colour, even he paints amazing portraits. Jerry’s drawings are simple, but they say a lot. He somehow, using few simple lines, makes portraits that perfectly describes people. It looks like artist is breaking a law, drawing these sketch looking drawings, but in my opinion, that kind of abstract art will be really big in the near future. Also Jerry shows that everyone can draw, and you don’t need many tools for this.


7. Leonardo da Vinci


Totally from Jerry’s Shawback’s is Leonardo da Vinci’s art. Well who doesn’t know him? Leonardo is genius, who left lots of great things after himself, including his paintings. They are still leaving people with lots of questions. Talking about his style, Leonardo’s paintings are so precise, everything in its own place. Portraits are looking just alike like people he painted, so real, warm and so mysterious. Also I like how he uses geometrical shapes in his paintings, everything looks really symmetric. There’s so much to say about this artist, but I wont go deep into this (this time).


8. Giuseppe Arcimboldo


In some way Giuseppe’s art is similar to Leonardo da Vinci’s, but the big difference is that Giuseppe uses fruits, vegetables or simply flowers for his portraits. It’s such an interesting way to represent a person. Also his portraits looks like sculptures. I’m surprised how realistic it still looks! I think everyone must to have a print of his painting in their kitchens (I’m going to get an apple).


9. M. C. Escher


Another great artist is M. C. Escher. I love his art since I was really young. Optical illusions were always something I was into and Escher’s work is just the best example. Artist does only black and grey drawings, that makes his art to stand out. I really like how his work is so tricky to look at and that it makes people to think. Eschers art is really precise and neat, this is something I was always into. Also the self-portrait he did of his holding a sphere is a masterpiece! I couldn’t imagine anything more perfect than this.


10. Michael Paulus


I’ll end this blog with Michael Paulus. This artist mainly draws anatomy of cartoon characters and I think it’s just brilliant! That’s such a unique idea, that makes viewers see cartoon characters in the really different way. It kind of makes people think that they are real. I think his work is really ironic and absurd at the same time (and that’s not a bad thing).

Core Workshop – Drawing – Day One

It was really interesting day with tutor Kieron Baroutchi.

Firstly we had a quick presentation about drawing and we’ve been shown few examples made by famous artists.


After that we’ve headed straight to The Childhood Museum in Bethnal Green. There we’ve been given a task to sketch objects there. That was a really interesting experience for me because I don’t really do life drawing and I’m a bit scared of that. Anyway, I think I did not too bad, although I can’t compare mines and my classmates sketches, because they are so much better than mines!

I’m here to learn!

Mark Making: 10 The Best Collage Practitioners


  1. Ian Wright

This artist is just genius! He uses rip and stick technique and makes such a lovely 3D looking portraits! His incredible layering is something that I really would like to learn, but it looks so difficult. Although I’m not that big of the fan of collages, but Ian’s work just looks amazing! Also he does calligram portraits, that looks pretty good. I really like how messy his work looks from up close (he uses different textures) and how organised it looks from further away!


2. Neasden Control Centre


Really interesting art. I’m a big fan of geometrical figures, so that’s why I’ve included Neasden Control Centre to that list. It looks like Stephen (his real name) is really interested in architecture and lines. Somehow he manages to combine really neat looking lines with a really messy portraits or some weird doodles. Also I like his typefaces, because he uses lots of different and quite riot looking letters. I looks like he has been inspired by punk culture. It is quite hard to look at his art, because I find it quite tiring.


3. Joseph Cornell


Joseph is a surrealism artist. I find his work really inspiring, because he uses really interesting way to represent his ideas – he uses some bits and pieces and puts them in the boxes. His work looks like really well – organised antique collection. Also he loves to use people portraits or stuffed birds. It is really pleasing to look at it, probably, because I really like antiques.


4. Chuck Close


His art is just something special! I still can’t understand how using bottle caps, dots or just some figures Chuck creates such a beautiful and realistic portraits! I really like the effect it makes: from close up it looks like you’re looking at a face through a glass or water, but from further away it just looks so real! And these colours he uses are somehow really optimistic and bright. Also his pencil drew realistic portraits is something beyond perfect! I thing he’s just a perfect example of a hard work and outcomes of it.


5. Dr. Me Studio


These two guys (Ryan and Mark) are colleagues who decided do create a collage every day for one year and the outcome is really inspiring. It’s really interesting to see their ideas and techniques changing over the days, because every single one is so different, it doesn’t look that they’ve got their own style.

Dr. Me use lots of ‘cut and paste’, that makes their collages really interesting.

The way they’ve decided to learn to make collage is just inspiring, I thing it’s a really good way to learn something new – do that all over again and again.


6. Anthony Gerace


Anthony’s collages are really unique, because he uses his square tile technique, that looks really interesting. Most of his work are portraits and the interesting thing is, I couldn’t find any full face in any of his collages. It looks like he leaves space for viewer’s imagination, ’cause all of the portraits are secret – looking. The colours he uses for a background are quite bright looking, simple one colour tones. I think hs work would look really good on an album cover.


7. George Douglas


The first time I saw his work – I thought it looks like soviet posters art. I think there’s something to do with colours he uses – red, blue, black and white. Most of his work has really simple background, anyway the collages he does, doesn’t look that simple. In my opinion they look really messy, too many different textures. I’m still not sure if I like his work, because it looks like it’s been really quickly made collages with some doodles on top.


8. Hannah Hock


One of the collage pioneers. In her work she uses mostly faces and simple, one tone, backgrounds that makes her creatures pop out. I like how she combines uncombinable things like old and new, real and not real, beautiful and ugly… It kind of looks like she’s making fun of people, in some of her collages. Her work is really inspiring, although I don’t fully understand what does she and her art wants to say.


9. David Rudnick


Another cover – looking artwork. This time by David Rudnick. This artist is really different from the artist I’ve talked about before. Mainly David collages different kind of textures and typefaces, while leaving portraits on the side. In my opinion his work is really techno culture looking: lots of graphic work, old school looking typefaces, black colour combined with a really intense (cyber)  one. It looks quite messy, but simple at the same time. From looking at his artwork, I think David is inspired by Jenny Holzen (phrases on packs of condoms) and Anthony Burrill ( ‘work hard and be nice to people’ poster).


10. Ezra Jack Keats


I’ll finish this blog with Mr. Ezra Jack Keats work. This artist is one of the first ones to collage children in the urban background. Ezra makes collages for children books and all of them looks really colourful and peaceful! The colours and textures he’s using are so well designed.

Crit Week – Zine – Day 1

Really slooooooow day.. I didn’t get to do or learn much, because quite a few people were not ready for todays critique day. Also as we were meant to make a book out of all zines, we couldn’t do that because we didn’t have enough time for that. Shame.

P. S.

Message to myself: LISTEN TO PODCASTS!