Project No.2 – The Begining

We’ve finally found out what our second project is and I’m really excited about it! We have to create 30 second teaser for a stop motion music video. It gives so many opportunities to do lots of different things, that it makes me feel lost about it. Also as deeper as I go into it, as scared I get, knowing that I’ve got no experience in making videos. There’s so much more I need to learn!

I’m really slowly moving forward: found a song I’m gonna use (asked musicians if it’s fine and they were happy about it, so no copyright stuff.. ), chose a part I’m gonna use and thought about some rough ideas of taking some pictures in the city and few other bits.. There’s only one thing that kind of ruined everything – my foot. I had an accident and now I might have to change the idea and do that project at home, because I can’t give much pressure for my miserable foot. Oh well… I need to learn how to walk..


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