Core Workshop – Screen Printing – Day 2

Whoop whoop! Such a great and interesting day! Time passed so quickly and in the end of the day I’ve still wanted to stay longer and print few more bits!

So we finally got to do all screen printing, from A to Z, ourselves. I’ve been working with Vivian and Urszula all day and we were and awesome team! 🙂


So we’ve started with preparation, that, to be fair takes longest. Luckily we’ve found a clean screen, so we’ve saved like a good half an hour, because we didn’t have to clean it. Straight away we’ve covered it with photo emulsion, dried ir, exposed it, washed it, dried it again and it was finally good to go!

We did quite a few experiments with different colours and different paper, that made it so interesting.

I’m happy with our results. Plus we had a good fun that day!

I definitely need to come back to screen printing studio soon and do some more prints, because the feeling when you see your work printed on the paper and when you do everything from beginning to the end, is great!


Screen print, love and rock’n’roll!




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