Drawing: 10 The Best Drawing Practitioners

  1. Tala Madani


To begin with, my friend recommended me to check out this talented artist Tala Madani and I’ve found her art really unique and inspiring! Most of it is really disturbing, because she draws lots of naked people in quite a provoking poses. Otherwise her work is really colourful, and that makes viewer to see it in a positive and playful way. I believe her art might look disgusting for most of the people, but I think she gives lots of interesting ideas too.


2. Saul Bass



A brilliant filmmaker that creates amazing film posters and logos! I want to really shortly discuss his poster art. Saul designed plenty of them! I really like how artist has his own style: really bright colours, screen print – looking, really bold and straight forward drawings. He uses lots of silhouettes that I really like. I think by drawing silhouettes he gives more space for imagination. Also it makes posters look really simple, but really clever and tricky to look at the same time. The other thing I like that his work looks sci – fi or even scary.


3. Dryden Goodwin


Opposite to Saul Bass is this really great artist Dryden Goodwin. His work looks really complicated at the first look, but after some time of staring at it and trying to understand it looks peaceful and full of harmony. I like how Dryden makes all these thousands of lines look like a one solid piece (portrait). Also his style is like mapping on people faces, it kind of looks like capillary. He also draws on real people pictures that makes it more interesting!


4. Pablo Picasso


Pablo Picaso! One of the artists that made me fall in love with art and colours! His collage looking paintings are just incredible! His art is really unique and gets stuck in your head. I like how through rough-looking shapes he perfectly shows an object. His portraits show people faces really well, using abstract figures. His art leaves space for viewers interpretations as well and that is brilliant!


5. Philip Dvorak


I’m so happy I’ve found this artist! I really like his art! In most of his illustrations he draws really elegant ladies surrounded by erotic, disturbing things and skulls. The technique he uses makes his drawings look really clean and precision. It’s pleasing to look at his work even though it is not that easy to do that. Also I like his scrubby lines, that makes his art special.


6. Jerry Shawback


This artist doesn’t use much colour, even he paints amazing portraits. Jerry’s drawings are simple, but they say a lot. He somehow, using few simple lines, makes portraits that perfectly describes people. It looks like artist is breaking a law, drawing these sketch looking drawings, but in my opinion, that kind of abstract art will be really big in the near future. Also Jerry shows that everyone can draw, and you don’t need many tools for this.


7. Leonardo da Vinci


Totally from Jerry’s Shawback’s is Leonardo da Vinci’s art. Well who doesn’t know him? Leonardo is genius, who left lots of great things after himself, including his paintings. They are still leaving people with lots of questions. Talking about his style, Leonardo’s paintings are so precise, everything in its own place. Portraits are looking just alike like people he painted, so real, warm and so mysterious. Also I like how he uses geometrical shapes in his paintings, everything looks really symmetric. There’s so much to say about this artist, but I wont go deep into this (this time).


8. Giuseppe Arcimboldo


In some way Giuseppe’s art is similar to Leonardo da Vinci’s, but the big difference is that Giuseppe uses fruits, vegetables or simply flowers for his portraits. It’s such an interesting way to represent a person. Also his portraits looks like sculptures. I’m surprised how realistic it still looks! I think everyone must to have a print of his painting in their kitchens (I’m going to get an apple).


9. M. C. Escher


Another great artist is M. C. Escher. I love his art since I was really young. Optical illusions were always something I was into and Escher’s work is just the best example. Artist does only black and grey drawings, that makes his art to stand out. I really like how his work is so tricky to look at and that it makes people to think. Eschers art is really precise and neat, this is something I was always into. Also the self-portrait he did of his holding a sphere is a masterpiece! I couldn’t imagine anything more perfect than this.


10. Michael Paulus


I’ll end this blog with Michael Paulus. This artist mainly draws anatomy of cartoon characters and I think it’s just brilliant! That’s such a unique idea, that makes viewers see cartoon characters in the really different way. It kind of makes people think that they are real. I think his work is really ironic and absurd at the same time (and that’s not a bad thing).


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