Core Workshop – Mark Making – Day 2

Thursday workshop was quite an interesting one! We have been making our own tools for making marks and drawing each others portraits. That is my tools:  It was really interesting to find out what effects each of the tool make and how different drawings could look like.

After this we had to make 10 different marks on 10 different pages, copy them in the library and make collages out of what we’ve got. I’ve never used that technique, but it looked like quite a fun thing to do. Theres collages I did:

In the end we’ve looked at each others work also as we’ve had a quick look through quite a few different artists work.

I’ve really liked the work of: Mark Hearld, Laurent Koller, Anthony Gerace, George Douglas, Hanna Hock and David Rudnick. Why did I like their work I’ll tell in other blog post.


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