Core Workshop – Mark Making – Day 1

So far it was the most interesting lecture for me!

We began with talking about portraits and people faces, how different they look from different distances and how you can transfer emotions.

To follow we started to make marks and I’ve never thought that it could be so easy to make some nice prints with just acrylic paint, roller, piece of plastic and some “drawing” tools. It is really interesting how different kind of tolls (nail, piece of paper, tissue, wooden stick…. it could be anything to be fair!) can work so well in mark making.

The actual process is really enjoyable as well. Firstly you have to roll acrylic paint on a piece of plastic and then you just use your imagination to create, in our situation, portraits.

Also I’ve got to find out about really interesting artists: Chuck Close, Ian O’Shea, Edgar Degas and more.

I’m sure if I wouldn’t study I would be stuck in the same circle of style and artists, but now I’ve got a great opportunity to find out more and try different kind of drawing techniques!


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